Good day, good people!  This frequent greeting of St. Francis of Assisi's was, and is, a great reminder of the lavishness of our God.  All is good.  God proclaimed it that way at Creation.  Here at IL Ritiro we are surrounded by that Goodness.  Now we are seeing new life thrive.  A few new fawns dot the grounds, flowers are prolific and birds loud as ever.  
Having recently celebrated 50 years with my religious congregation, family and friends, makes me ever more conscious of the Goodness that has graced my life.  Oldest of 8, we have many stories to tell.  Experiences in ministry with friends over 50 years is astounding; lots of stories there too.  50 years with women older, wiser and more experienced than I is incredible.  Hindsight is 20/20 and for a reason.  Much of the Goodness was hidden while I sought the treasure of the moment but the results were overwhelmingly in my favor.  The God of surprises continues to surprise.  
Gratitude for the past 50 years fills my heart and I am actually excited to see what tomorrow will hold.  Wisdom and grace is all I ask as I humbly say thank you to all the Good that has filled my life.          How have you been touched by that Goodness?
 God is good all the time.  Come experience that Goodness at IL Ritiro.