What a gift.  This morning on my way to the office from chapel I almost stepped on one of our local residents who was having breakfast.  Trying not to disturb, I got my phone to capture the moment.  Here at IL Ritiro we are blessed with experiencing God's second book of Revelation, Creation.  
As I watched, my thoughts went to how much we are like that turtle.  It truly "sticks it's neck out" to do anything.  When it walks, it sticks it's neck out to set the course for movement.  Eating, it sticks it's neck out to grab for a morsel.  I wondered, when do I stick my neck out?  Would I rather not engage in the moment and withdraw into a shell?  What does the Gospel teach us about sticking out our neck?
During this season of the Resurrection we hear Paul and the apostles so filled with new life that they bravely stick out their necks to proclaim the Good News.  He is risen.  He now walks among us; through us.  Let's take up the challenge to do likewise.  Let's stick out our neck to proclaim the Goodness that is lavished on us every day.  What will it take for me to stick out my neck today ?
God is good all the time.  Come experience that Goodness at IL Ritiro.