One of the things I have wanted to do was to create a talk using road signs.  We are surrounded by road signs everywhere.  Wrong turns, backtracks, winding roads, hairpin curves all are announced by a road sign.  Do not enter, railroad crossing, lights and non-lights tell us where to go and what to do.  They tell us how to be safe and how to safely be with others.
Some of those signs are heeded by folks and some are not.  Have you ever seen a car do a turnaround using the median "Do not turn around" sign?  Maybe you've done it yourself; holding your breath that a policeman was not around at the time. If you travel, you know that there are different road signs in different states pointing out wildlife in the area or icy conditions most of the year or construction zones that don't look like any you've ever seen before. 
 They all  make me wonder what signs are there in my life that I ignore or choose to disobey.  As I reflect, there are some.  I am directionally challenged. I can't tell what direction I am going unless I have a sign of some kind pointing the way.  I frequently have to turn around because I am going the wrong way.  It all makes for great stories after the fact but at the time it's not so comical.
In our spiritual life we have road signs, too.  We have Creation pointing to the Creator.  We have Sacred Scripture documenting our spiritual roots.  We have Jesus himself who shows us the direction we should be going.  All of these fall short at times yet all of them are critical to our journey.  The reason they fall short is because I make a choice not to engage, not to obey, not to heed the signs.  
As this year progresses I want to heed the signs.  I want to be aware that there are signs.  I want to make my way straighter, more engaging with others and less difficult.  What about you?
 God is good all the time.  Come experience that Goodness at IL Ritiro.