It's hard to believe summer is waning and soon trees will be changing. Birds are already flying south and the woods are active with wildlife preparing for what lies ahead.  Makes me wonder what lies ahead.  Our world is full of divisiveness, negativity, and seeming chaos. What to do?  I am only one person.  Suggestion, make time to surround yourself with goodness and beauty.  Spend a day or two in the calming presence of creation.  Sit along a lake, walk in the woods or read the Good Book in the serenity of singing birds and chirping frogs.  Come spend time at IL Ritiro.  
Breathe in the fresh air and close your eyes as the sun warms you, body and soul.  Speak to a spiritual companion or just sit and listen to what God has in store for you.  It is all good.  It puts life in perspective--not all bad, not all good--but all blessing.
As Fall beckons,  join all of creation here at IL Ritiro as we prepare for what lies ahead. There is excitement in not knowing but discovering the surprises God has in store.  Come, be prepared to be surprised.
  God is good all the time.  Come experience that Goodness at IL Ritiro.