Everyone wishes for something.  IL Ritiro Franciscan Retreat Center is no exception.  We have several  
ways in which you can assist us.  
Donate your time:
Once a year we host Blaze the Trails Day.  This day helps us to manage trails, clean out brush and weed the grounds.  Watch this website for more information.
Donate your treasure: 
Sponsor a "Station of the Cross" in memory of a loved one.
A $50 donation would assist in the "flowering" of a shrine. 
A $30 donation would sponsor someone who lacks the funds for a retreat day.  
A help in managing our 90 acres would be to purchase a cyclone rake.  
Being sensitive to our elder guests, handicapped toilet seats or the cost of installing safety bars in bathrooms would be a welcomed gift.
Donate your talent:
Do you have a special skill? Are you a herbalist?  Are you a retired brick layer, cement finisher or builder?  Are you a chef or baker?  From time to time we are in need of a "specialist" who can assist in repair or replacement projects.  Our "piece days" are made for sharing talents with others.  If you love to do work inside or out, give us a call and we may be able to provide you with an opportunity to share. 636-274-0554