May this Easter Season be a time of renewed life, renewed heart and renewed spirit.
Although our time seems chaotic and we hear from leaders yes, open, no, stay closed which changes sometimes  by the hour, as an Easter people attuned to the hope we have been given we 'go with the flow' and take 'all in stride'.  Although the platitudes don't ease the anxiety or uneasiness, there is truth to them.
Peter was told to toss his nets when the catch had been zero and a lot of hard work seemed to have been futile.  The result was overflowing and magnanimous.  We, too, are being asked to continue in faith and the hope that we will reap overflowing and magnanimous goodness.  To see if we do, a daily listing of what we are grateful for during the day will open our hearts to God's care and love of us.  
We are inconvenienced and maybe racking our creative side to come up with entertaining and engaging activities but a look at a bigger picture yields incredible goodness others do not have like clean water to wash, soap to cleanse, machines to do laundry and dishes and you can add to the list.
Let's not let this Easter season pass without wallowing in the goodness that surrounds us.  If you seem alone because you live alone remember that Jesus promised, "I will always be with you."  Close your eyes and encounter that presence.  No one is ever alone.  You are thought of and remembered by many, even if they can't or don't reach out.  We pray every day for those who are alone or experiencing loneliness.  Jesus is with us.  Alleluia
 God is good all the time.  Come experience that Goodness at IL Ritiro.